Why should I get Juniper vqfx?

The juniper vqfx download allows you to quickly build a virtual lab that is appropriate for training, script creation, configuration validation, and many other purposes. The vQFX is a free utility; it is not a “product” that Juniper Networks sells and supports. It is a virtualized version of the QFX10000 Ethernet Switches range. With restricted software forwarding performance, the vQFX provides the same control and data plane functions as the hardware QFX10000 switches.

There are several prebuilt juniper vqfx download that may be downloaded. Two vQFX Virtual Switch instances and four servers will be downloaded to your local computer by the vQFX lab. The installation of the virtual devices will take place in the steps that follow; an automatic configuration of the entire EVPN-VXLAN will take place as well.

If you don’t follow the comprehensive instructions, you won’t be able to utilize any guide, to spin up vQFX Virtual Switch instances on your local Windows PC.

Software specifications

The vQFX Virtual Switch needs the following software to be installed on your desktop:

A hypervisor that enables the vQFX to run inside a virtual machine is a Virtual box. An orchestrator for virtual machines that spins up virtual environments automatically, even on local PCs. It is a program that automates application deployment, configuration management, and software provisioning. Although the software setup uses to automatically establish the EVPN-VXLAN network, using the built lab network does not necessitate any prior knowledge

A Juniper Networks operating system device-specific role (Juniper.junos is installed by running “sudo ansible-galaxy”).

Here the word “role” can be a little deceptive. It isn’t a component of a role-based access control RBAC or access role; rather, it is a group of duties or functions. Vendors can use Galaxy to build roles like the multi-module Juniper.


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