Top Websites for Streaming Your Cricket Matches Live in 2024

Cricket is more than just a sport; it’s a passion that binds millions of fans across the globe. From the bustling streets of Mumbai to the serene parks of London, the love for cricket knows no bounds. As technology advances, the way we watch cricket has also transformed. Cricket Live streaming has become the go-to method for fans to catch every thrilling moment of their favourite matches. In this blog post, we will explore the top websites for streaming your cricket matches live in 2024, ensuring you never miss a ball, no matter where you are.

Criteria for Selecting Top Streaming Websites

When it comes to choosing the best websites for live streaming cricket, several factors need to be considered. Here are the key criteria that make a streaming website stand out:

  1. Reliable and Uninterrupted Streaming: The primary feature is the ability to provide a stable and continuous stream without buffering issues. Uninterrupted streaming ensures you don’t miss any crucial moments during a match.

  2. High-Definition Video Quality: Watching cricket in high definition enhances the experience, making it feel like you’re right there in the stadium. Clear, crisp video quality is a must for enjoying live matches.

  3. User-Friendly Interface: A website that’s easy to navigate allows users to find matches quickly and efficiently. Intuitive design and straightforward navigation contribute to a better user experience.

  4. Availability of Multiple Matches and Tournaments: The best streaming websites offer a wide range of matches and tournaments, from international test series to domestic leagues, ensuring fans have access to all their favourite cricketing events.

  5. Reasonable Subscription Fees or Free Access: Affordable pricing or free access is a significant consideration for many users. Websites that offer value for money or free streaming options tend to attract more viewers.

  6. Additional Features: Extra features such as commentary, live statistics, replay options, and multi-language support can enhance the viewing experience and provide more in-depth insights into the game.

Top Websites for Streaming Cricket Matches Live

1. CricHeroes

CricHeroes is a unique platform that focuses on amateur and local cricket. It’s perfect for those who want to watch and live stream local matches, making it a community-driven choice.

Key Features:

  • Live streaming of local matches
  • Player statistics and scorecards
  • Community engagement features

Free Access and Additional Premium Features: CricHeroes offers free access to its basic features. Premium features, such as advanced analytics and ad-free streaming, are available through a subscription.

2. Hotstar

Hotstar has emerged as a leading platform for cricket streaming, especially popular in India. Owned by Disney, Hotstar offers a wide array of cricket content, including live streaming of international matches, domestic leagues, and exclusive tournaments.

Key Features:

  • Live streaming with minimal delay
  • Multi-language commentary

Match highlights and replays

Subscription Plans and Pricing: Hotstar offers a tiered subscription model with options for monthly and annual plans. The VIP plan is affordable and covers most cricket content, while the Premium plan includes additional movies and TV shows.

3. Willow TV

For cricket fans in the United States, Willow TV is a top choice. Specializing in cricket coverage, Willow TV provides extensive live streaming options, ensuring fans don’t miss any action.

Key Features:

  • High-definition streaming
  • Available on multiple devices (smartphones, tablets, smart TVs)
  • Live scores and in-depth match analysis

Subscription Details: Willow TV offers both monthly and annual subscription plans. New users can often take advantage of a free trial period to explore the service.

4. ESPN+

ESPN+ is a well-known sports streaming service that offers exclusive cricket coverage among other sports. With its reputation for high-quality sports content, ESPN+ is a reliable choice for cricket enthusiasts.

Key Features:

  • Exclusive live cricket matches
  • Expert analysis and commentary
  • Live updates and scores

Subscription Costs: ESPN+ is available through a standalone subscription or as part of a bundle with other Disney streaming services. The bundled offer provides excellent value for sports fans who enjoy a variety of content.

5. SonyLIV

SonyLIV is another prominent platform for cricket streaming, particularly in India and other parts of Asia. It provides comprehensive coverage of various cricket tournaments, including international and domestic matches.

Key Features:

  • Live streaming with interactive features
  • Extensive cricket coverage
  • Multi-device support

Subscription Plans and Regional Availability: SonyLIV offers several subscription plans, including monthly, half-yearly, and annual options. The service is primarily available in India but can be accessed in other regions through a VPN.

6. Sky Sports

Sky Sports is a major sports broadcaster in the UK, known for its extensive coverage of cricket. Whether it’s the Ashes or the ICC World Cup, Sky Sports ensures fans get to watch all major cricketing events live.

Key Features:

  • Live cricket streaming with expert commentary
  • Match replays and highlights
  • Detailed analysis and insights

Subscription Options and Regional Restrictions: Sky Sports offers various subscription packages, including sports-only plans. The service is primarily available in the UK, but international fans can access it using a VPN.

7. SuperSport

SuperSport is the go-to platform for cricket fans in Africa. With a wide range of sports content, SuperSport provides comprehensive coverage of cricket matches from around the world.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive cricket coverage
  • Multi-platform access (TV, mobile, web)
  • In-depth match analysis

Subscription Fees and Availability: SuperSport is included with many satellite TV subscriptions in Africa. Online streaming options are also available for those who prefer to watch on the go.

8. YuppTV

YuppTV caters to a global audience with its diverse range of cricket content. It is particularly popular among the Indian diaspora for its live streaming of Indian cricket matches and leagues.

Key Features:

  • Live streaming with DVR functionality
  • Multi-device support
  • Coverage of various cricket tournaments

Subscription Plans and Availability by Region: YuppTV offers several subscription plans, including regional packages that cater to specific audiences. The service is available in multiple countries, making it a versatile option for cricket fans worldwide.

Free Streaming Options

1. Cricbuzz

Cricbuzz is a popular cricket portal that offers free streaming of live scores and match highlights. While it doesn’t stream live matches, it provides ball-by-ball commentary and extensive coverage.


  • Live score updates
  • Ball-by-ball commentary
  • Match highlights and news

Availability and Limitations: Cricbuzz is free to use, but it doesn’t offer live video streaming. Instead, it focuses on providing detailed text and audio commentary.

2. ESPNcricinfo

ESPNcricinfo is another excellent resource for cricket fans, offering in-depth coverage of matches through live scores, commentary, and analysis.


  • Live scores and updates
  • In-depth match analysis
  • Commentary and expert opinions

Access Details and Limitations: ESPNcricinfo is free to access, with most content available without a subscription. However, video highlights and certain exclusive content may require a subscription to ESPN+.

3. YouTube Channels

YouTube hosts numerous channels dedicated to cricket, providing highlights, live streams, and analysis. Channels like ICC, ECB, and various broadcasters offer high-quality cricket content.

Tips for Finding Reliable Channels:

  • Look for official channels with verified badges
  • Check for high subscriber counts and positive reviews
  • Avoid channels with low-quality streams or misleading titles

Tips for a Better Streaming Experience

To ensure you have the best experience while streaming cricket matches, consider the following tips:

  1. Ensure a Stable Internet Connection: A high-speed internet connection is crucial for uninterrupted streaming. Consider using a wired connection or a reliable Wi-Fi network.

  2. Use Compatible Devices and Browsers: Ensure your device and browser are compatible with the streaming website. Updating your browser and clearing cache can also help improve performance.

  3. Importance of Legal and Official Streaming Sites: Using official and legal streaming sites helps avoid issues with malware and ensures you are not violating any laws. It also guarantees better streaming quality and reliability.

  4. How to Avoid Geo-Restrictions (VPN Usage): If a streaming service is not available in your region, consider using a VPN to bypass geo-restrictions. Choose a reliable VPN service with servers in the desired country.



With numerous options available, finding the perfect website to stream cricket matches live in 2024 is easier than ever. Whether you prefer a paid subscription with premium features or a free service with basic coverage, there’s something for every cricket fan. Explore the listed options and choose the one that best fits your needs to enjoy cricket matches hassle-free.

We’d love to hear from you! Share your favourite streaming websites in the comments below. Don’t forget to share this article with fellow cricket fans and check out other related articles on our blog for more tips and resources.

Happy streaming and enjoy the cricket season ahead!


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