The Orlando Women’s Center’s One-Hour Abortion Pill Procedure.

All Women’s Centers Now Offering The One Hour Abortion Pill Procedure – Up to 14 Weeks of Pregnancy. Thus, this often means that if the patient meets some social criteria they can expect to receive the procedure at a much lower cost than otherwise.

Among the abortion procedures that are currently most common across the United States and many other countries it is possible to point out at the Usage of the Abortion Pill that refers to the two main substances, namely Mifepristone and Misoprostol (Misoprostol).

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Please call now to be seen you at one of our office today either in Tampa or Orlando for the pregnancy abortion pills where the exercise can be done For 3weeks to 24weeks where in 99% of the patient it can be done within 24hours.

It is good to note that special arrangements for evening hours or Sunday may be done at a trivial cost.

The details for the compound mifepristone are as follows: Other names for mifepristone include, but are not limited to those listed above. The pills are the only FDA recognized drugs that can bring about abortion right from one week before women’s menstrual cycle is due up to 10 weeks since the last menstrual pattern.

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In the light of recent research, it has become possible to perform a medical abortion to terminate pregnancy up to first rail 14 weeks on out- patient basis while 14 or more weeks, it can be performed but on in-patient basis. Second Trimester into the late term abortion, it is 1 to 28 weeks of pregnancy. In the third and final stage, still called the ‘third trimester,’ an abortion: can be performed for 1 week or further in either an abortion clinic or physician’s office.

These second trimester and late term abortions can easily said that it can be accomplished within 24 hours or less in 99% of the cases and accidentally have a percentage of 0. 1% chance of using surgical instruments.

RU 486 has many uses other than halting the growth of pregnancy tissue; they have been found effective in halting the growth of uterine fibroids, endometriosis, brain cancers, fibrocystic disease of breast tissue, Crohn’s Disease and other diseases which cause severe depression and to prevent pregnancy after unprotected intercourse that is occasional or emergency contraception/morning after pill.

Mifepristone is currently registered in the United States of America to be used for medical abortions and Hyperglycemia that results from Crohn’s Disease.

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Mifepristone prevents the working of Progesterone hormone that leads to detachment of the pregnancy, from the wall of the Uterus(womb). Mifepristone makes the Uterus hard to contract and therefore results to Vaginal bleeding and the pregnancy tissue to be expelled.

In other words; RU486 is an anti-progestogen drug that is commonly used in terminating pregnancies. This is how it operates: it attaches (binds) to the progesterone receptors on the walls of the uterus reverting it to a pre pregnancy state by causing the blood vessels to be blocked off and leading to shedding of the blood vessel lining.

How The Abortion Pill (RU-486) Works?

Progesterone is required to ensure that the uterus does not contract (help as a muscle relaxant). When progesterone can no longer attach itself to the uterus wall the intrauterine pressure rises and contraction of the uterus commences.

With cervical concepts there are local changes in the cervix to enable it to open and soften. The preparation that is done to the cervix involves softening and dilation and it is referred to as cervical priming.

The administration of Mifepristone alone increases the probability of experiencing some complications of vaginal bleeding with a percentage of 2 to 3% and miscarriage before the use of the second drug (Misoprostol) by 1%.

RU 486 was found to cause abortions as early as ten days up to two weeks in women who were up to 10 weeks gestation in the preliminary studies in late 1970s at the lab where the drug was discovered in France with 45 to 80% women being affected.

The failure rate was deemed to be high and thus Mifepristone was not considered to be effective when used alone for the whole population of patients.

Cytotec (Misoprostol) is a prostaglandin utilized in treatment for peptic ulcers since it has been FDA approved to help in the reduction of the occurrence of gastric ulcers among patient who use chronic NSAIDs.

Misoprostol, commonly known as Cytotec, works as the second drug after the first tablet known as RU486 and is administered 48 to 72 hours later. It is used to combine with the Prostaglandin receptors found on the wall of the Uterus to facilitate mechanical contractions of the uterus to bring about the pregnancy termination.

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Misoprostol is another prostaglandin E1 that was earlier approved by FDA in mid eighties for use to reduce formation of gastric ulcers in patients using steroids for inflammatory illnesses. It works by forming an armor in the stomach lining that shields human’s gastrointestinal tract.

RU 486 and Misoprostol are the methods we use in our offices for the patients seeking one-day abortion services provided in the range of 3-24 weeks. This process is initiated and terminated without any hitch or with very little hitch. Visit Orlando Women’s Center for all details. For a same-day appointment, call us now, or visit our blog to read the most recent pieces we’ve written about abortion.

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