How to Add the Cisco CSR1000v Cloud Service Router to Eve-ng

To add a Cisco CSR1000v Cloud Service Router to Eve-ng in CCIE Labs and other cloud enterprises platforms like AWS, Azure, and others, the eve ng csr1000v is frequently used.

How to Add a Cisco Cloud Service Router CSR1000v to Eve-ng in Steps

Get the Cisco Cloud Service Router CSR1000v qcow2.

Zip up the directory

To upload the CSR1000v to Eve-ng, use Filezilla/SCP.

Correct the Permission

Enjoy Eve-NG by adding the Cisco Cloud Service Router CSR1000v node.

Click the link to download the Cisco Cloud Service Router CSR1000v qcow2.

 Decompress the folder

Before uploading to Eve-ng, unzip the file on your computer.

Upload the CSR1000v via Filezilla/SCP to Eve-ng by copying the file to the following location: /opt/unetlab/addons/qemu.

Fix the permission with the following command.

fixpermissions /opt/unetlab/wrappers/unl wrapper

Access Eve-ng and add the node; at this point, you may open the lab and see your image under Nodes (csr1000v).

The procedure outlined should be used to support more versions. The CSRv1000 16.x and 17.x photos have all been successfully tested.

The following instructions are based on csr1000vng-universalk9.16.09.06.

The creation uses proper names for other image distribution.

Create a temporary working directory on the root of EVE using SSH and the root login command line interface:

cd ABC; mkdir ABC

Using software like FileZilla or WinSCP, upload the ISO CD image that was downloaded to the EVE.

Make a fresh HDD to install CSR on:

create -f in /opt/qemu/bin/qemu-img virtioa.qcow2.qcow2 8G

Beginning the CSR installation:

qemu-system-x86 64 -nographic -drive, /opt/qemu-2.2.0/bin file=virtioa.qcow2,if=virtio,bus=0,unit=0,cache=none -machine type=pc-1.0,accel=kvm -serial mon:stdio —nographic —nodefconfig —nodefaults —rtc boot order=dc -m 4096 base=utc -cdrom csr1000v-universalk9.16.09.06.iso

When the prompt displays on the screen, press any key to select the second choice, CSR 1000V Serial console, and then press ENTER to confirm.



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