DeVos Performance Hall Seating Chart: A Comprehensive Guide

The DeVos Performance Hall, nestled in the heart of Grand Rapids, Michigan, is an iconic venue renowned for hosting a diverse array of events ranging from classical concerts and Broadway shows to contemporary performances and community events. Understanding the seating chart of this esteemed venue is essential for maximizing the enjoyment of any event. This article provides a detailed overview of the DeVos Performance Hall seating chart, offering insights to help patrons choose the best seats for their needs.

Overview of DeVos Performance Hall

The DeVos Performance Hall is part of the larger DeVos Place, a multi-purpose convention center. With a seating capacity of approximately 2,404, the hall offers an intimate yet spacious environment that enhances the audience’s experience. The hall is designed to provide excellent acoustics and sightlines from all seating areas, ensuring that every performance can be enjoyed to the fullest.

Main Sections of the Seating Chart

The seating chart of DeVos Performance Hall is divided into several key sections: the Orchestra, the Grand Tier, and the Balcony. Each section offers a unique perspective and experience.

Orchestra Level

  • Center Orchestra: Positioned directly in front of the stage, the Center Orchestra provides some of the best seats in the house. These seats offer an unobstructed view of the performance and are ideal for those who want to be immersed in the action.
  • Left and Right Orchestra: These seats are located to the left and right of the Center Orchestra. While the views from these seats are slightly angled, they still offer a great perspective of the stage.
  • Orchestra Pit: Occasionally, for specific performances, additional seating might be available in the Orchestra Pit. These seats are the closest to the stage, providing an up-close view of the performance.

Grand Tier

  • Center Grand Tier: Elevated above the Orchestra, the Center Grand Tier provides a panoramic view of the stage. These seats are ideal for patrons who prefer a slightly elevated perspective.
  • Left and Right Grand Tier: Similar to the Orchestra level, these sections offer angled views but still maintain excellent sightlines of the stage.
  • Box Seats: Located on the sides of the Grand Tier, the Box Seats offer a more private viewing experience. These are perfect for patrons seeking a bit of exclusivity and comfort.


  • Center Balcony: This section is at the highest elevation but still offers a comprehensive view of the stage. The Center Balcony seats are often preferred by those who enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the performance.
  • Left and Right Balcony: These seats are on the sides of the Center Balcony. While offering a slightly more distant view, they are a cost-effective option for experiencing the performance.

Special Seating Options

DeVos Performance Hall is committed to inclusivity and accessibility, ensuring that all patrons can enjoy their events. The hall offers several special seating options:

  • Accessible Seating: The venue is equipped with accessible seating areas to accommodate wheelchairs and provide ease of access for patrons with disabilities. These seats are strategically located to ensure a comfortable and unobstructed view of the stage.
  • Companion Seating: Adjacent to the accessible seating areas, companion seats are available to ensure that guests with disabilities can sit with their companions.
  • Hearing Assistance: The hall offers assistive listening devices to enhance the auditory experience for patrons with hearing impairments.

Choosing the Best Seats

Selecting the best seats largely depends on the type of performance and personal preferences. Here are some tips to help make the best choice:

  • For Concerts and Musicals: Seats in the Center Orchestra or Center Grand Tier offer the best views and acoustics. The sound quality in these sections is typically superior, making them ideal for musical performances.
  • For Plays and Theatrical Performances: The Center and side Orchestra seats provide an immersive experience. For a more panoramic view, the Center Grand Tier or Center Balcony are excellent choices.
  • For Budget-Friendly Options: The Left and Right Balcony sections offer a more affordable option without sacrificing the quality of the view significantly.
  • For a Luxurious Experience: The Box Seats in the Grand Tier provide a touch of luxury and privacy, making them perfect for special occasions.

Additional Considerations

When selecting seats, it’s also important to consider the following:

  • Legroom and Comfort: Some sections, like the Box Seats, offer more legroom and space, enhancing comfort during longer performances.
  • Proximity to Exits and Amenities: For those who prefer easy access to restrooms and concessions, seats closer to the aisles and exits might be more convenient.
  • Acoustic Variations: While the hall is designed to provide excellent acoustics throughout, some sections, particularly the Orchestra level, might offer a richer sound experience.


The DeVos Performance Hall’s seating chart is thoughtfully designed to cater to a wide range of preferences and needs. Whether you’re looking for an up-close and personal experience, a panoramic view, or an exclusive and comfortable setting, the hall has something to offer. By understanding the layout and features of each section, patrons can make informed decisions and enjoy their chosen events to the fullest.

Choosing the right seat can significantly enhance your experience at the DeVos Performance Hall. By considering factors such as the type of performance, personal preferences, and specific needs, you can select the perfect seat to enjoy an unforgettable event. Whether you are attending a classical concert, a Broadway show, or a community event, the DeVos Performance Hall ensures a memorable and enjoyable

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