Daewoo washing machines maintenance in Jeddah

Daewoo Washing Machine Maintenance in Jaddah:Tips and Tricks

It is important to ensure that you regularly maintain your Daewoo washing machine in Jeddah so that it can serve you as expected for a very long time. The following are recommendations for increasing the longevity of the machine and avoiding breakdowns:Here in this article, we’d like to share with you some effective tips on how to take proper care of your Daewoo washing machine in Jeddah.صيانة غسالات دايو في جدة


Cleaning the Drum and the Door Seal

It is especially important to clean the drum and door seal of the Daewoo washing machine on a routine basis. Food debris, soap scum, or mold can build up in these areas, which creates an unpleasant smell and decreases their effectiveness. To clean this part of the refrigerator, one should use water and soap solution to wash the drum and door seal gently without any rough scrubbing. Rinse the surfaces with clean water and then wipe them dry after you are done cleaning them.


Cleaning the Filter and Checking it

The filter in your Daewoo washing machine helps to protect the pump from any debris getting into it, and damaging it in the process. One has to ensure that the filter is not choked so it is advisable to check and clean it frequently. Take out the filter from the machine and wash it under running water if necessary. You should take a soft brush to reduce any debris or buildup present on the product. It is important to clean the filter frequently to ensure that your machine is running smoothly all the time.


Descaling the Washing Machine

The mineral deposits called limescales may also form within the Daewoo washing machine particularly if the water in your area is hard. This buildup can hamper the performance of the machine in question. To maintain your washing machine and avoid formation of limescale, descale it from time to time. You may choose a commercial descaling solution or a solution of white vinegar and water. There is usually limescale present on the surface of the cooker, and in order to get rid of it, a hot wash cycle with the descaling solution should be made.


Maintaining the Exterior

Besides cleaning the inside parts of the Daewoo washing machine, one should also clean the outer part of the washing machine. Cleaning the outer part of the furniture should be done on a regular basis using a damp cloth to clean the dust and dirt. Be particularly careful with the control panel and buttons as they may become clogged with dust or other debris. Regular cleaning of the washing machine’s exterior part will assist in increasing the machine’s life span.


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How frequently does a washing machine require servicing?

Ideally, washing machines require servicing at least once a year to enhance its efficiency and functionality.


 How to repair washing machine that is leaking?

Yes, sometimes merely using appropriate tools to tighten the hoses or even replacing them can solve the issue. However, in cases of major leakage, it is advisable to seek the help of the professional.


Where can I get the best washing machine repair service in Jeddah?

To do this, search for customer reviews, ask people for suggestions, and work with services that have experienced personnel and a friendly attitude toward clients.


What are the warning indicators that my washing machine needs to be fixed?

Such symptoms may include water leakage, strange sounds, the drum failing to fill, and spin-cycle problems.


Should one try to repair a washing machine that has been in use for sometime now?

It is influenced by the amount of repair costs incurred as well as the age of the equipment. However, if the repairs are expensive and the equipment is very old, it might be cheaper to purchase another one.




Maintenance tips are very important, especially concerning your Daewoo washing machine if you reside in the city of Jeddah. Considering such tips you can avoid problems and protect your appliance from wearing out quickly. In case of washing machine breakdown, you are advised to seek help of a professional washing machine technician.


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