A Short Review of One of the Best Maxace Knives

It’s no secret that Maxace knives exhibit quality. They’re one of those brands that are changing the way most consumers think about quality in Chinese knives.

The Maxace Peregrine II, specifically the version with M390 steel and a sandblast titanium handle, is one of the best. It just might be a contender for the proverbial title of “best pocket knife.”

Either way, it’s one of the best Maxace knives out there. Let’s dive a little into why.

Blade Steel and Profile

One of the biggest selling points of the Maxace Peregrine II is the M390 blade steel, which is a high quality specialty steel made by Bӧhler in Austria.

This blade steel is a martensitic alloy that is commonly used to produce injection molds, which need to be extremely strong, wear resistant, and corrosion-resistant.

It follows then, naturally, why M390 is such an excellent alloy for blade steels, as it produces an exceptionally tough blade that resists wear and corrosion.

Another thing about M390 is the edge retention. Like many other super steels, it is very hard and holds an edge admirably. You have to sharpen your knife less because the edge stays sharper for longer.

It’s a great, strong steel that requires little maintenance, and offers a lot of value all in all.

As for the blade profile, it’s a straight-backed knife of 3.78” with a differential grind profile. Generic, not too flashy, but highly practical. This profile is highly utilitarian for lots of different tasks. The only things it really isn’t well engineered for are those for which you should use specialty blades – like draw knives or skinners.

Ergonomics and Handle Material

The ergonomics of this knife are definitely top-tier, and part of the secret to that is the basic design. It’s not a showstopper in terms of aesthetics, and that’s a winning combo for the ergs.

It’s a straightforward design with simple controls that indexes well and carries and handles comfortably. In a way, that’s very high praise.

What does deserve higher praise is the sandblasted titanium handle. This thing is both attractive and functional. Titanium is also an excellent material to make knife scales from.

As popular as synthetics like Micarta and G10 are, titanium is exceptionally lightweight and strong, and all but corrosion proof – making it perfect for a knife handle. Also, it’s satiny in the grip and very enjoyable to use – adding to the ergonomic benefits.

Deployment, Lock and Carry

Deployment of the Maxace Peregrine II is via thumb studs, and lockup is via a frame lock. For what it’s worth, a word is warranted here: frame locks offer all of the advantages of liner locks but they’re better because they’re stronger and more structurally sound.

As for carry, these Maxace knives are made with attractive, blue-tone titanium pocket clips.


These are fairly attractive knives, albeit a little bit understated, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Maxace makes a lot of other flashier, more attention-grabbing knives.

That aesthetic works for some and is grating to others. If you’re looking for a Maxace knife that presents top-tier materials and workmanship in a more austere package, you’ll be hard-pressed to do better than this version of the Peregrine II.

Where Can You Get One of These Maxace Knives?

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